• When the four members of Oregon Trail first met in 2012, they were complete strangers to each other. What could have been just another student rock band quickly became a safe space for musical experimentation and aesthetical exchange. A rich, balanced ecosystem where everything could be expressed and dealt with through music.

    After releasing a first album in 2015, the band moved to Le Locle, a rural and gloomy place in the swiss mountains. There, the band worked hard on creating a unique sound inspired by the depressive and uncanny, yet harrowing landscape surrounding them. Their second effort ‘h/aven’ was wrought between the purity of snow and the fathomless nights, inspired by the loneliness of the town and the majesty of the forests, compressed by the light and the cold.

    No other places could have led to such a cathartic yet uplifting album where massive and solemn guitars pave the way for C.-A. Bernhard to scream existential thoughts in the most liberating way.